Leaf Lettuce

Green leaf lettuce is a leafy salad green that grows from a stalk and spreads out to form a loose leafed bunch of greens with a decorative frilled green edging.

Red leaf lettuce is a form of loose-leaf lettuce, very comparable to green leaf lettuce. The name can be deceiving since red leaf lettuces are not completely red. Instead, the tops of the leaves exhibit some red or purple coloring that may extend a few inches into the leaf.

Care and Handling

Ideal Storage Temperature: 34° -36°F. 90-95% relative humidity. Refrigerate leaf lettuce immediately after receiving. Store in area with good circulation and away from ethylene-producing fruits to minimize browning. Sprinkle lightly during storage to help maintain freshness.


  • Choose bunches with crisp, evenly colored loosely bunched leaves with no sign of wilting or yellowing
  • Scratch the stalk and smell. A sweet or bitter smell means sweet or bitter flavor.
  • Look for loosely bunched curly leaves with crisp texture. Red leaf has green leaves with red-tinged edges.

Did You Know?

During the shortages of WWII, Russia used lettuce latex as a rubber substitute.