Our Facilities

In order to ensure a continual supply of leafy greens and vegetables throughout the year, Coastline transitions production of its line of commodities between four prime growing regions to leverage premium soil conditions and seasonal microclimates.

Throughout four growing regions, Coastline Family Farms has invested in top of the line cooling/loading facilities to realize enhanced operational efficiencies and to meet your unique loading requirements and truck routes. Our devotion to innovation in the industry keeps our products fresher, longer.

Shipping seasonally from the following locations:

Salinas Valley, Castroville CA

C&M Cooling
11200 Commercial Pkwy, Castroville CA

Yuma, AZ

Cool Fresh
4193 S Avenue 3 1/2 E, Yuma AZ

Imperial Valley, Brawley CA

Green Valley
4650 Old Hwy 111 Brawley CA

Echo, OR

29010 Madison Rd Echo, OR