Produce Traceability Initiative

Traceability Equals Accountability

At the heart of Coastline Family Farms’s Quality and Food Safety program is quality control – the ability to pinpoint quality-related issues and to maintain the premium quality of our products.

Product traceability provides the ability to track products in both directions as they move through the supply chain. It provides accountability at every link in the chain, and is fundamental to maintaining quality standards and to enabling the transparent communication of critical information to the consumer.

PTI Ready

Coastline Family Farms is committed to a full implementation of the Produce Traceability Initiative. From harvest crews to company owners, the company is committed to the processes, resources and technology required to execute a seamless and robust PTI solution.

Working side-by-side with its labor force to evaluate available PTI technologies, Coastline Family Farms will implement its solution based on ease of use, reliability, technological sophistication and ability to adjust to changing market conditions.

Please contact us with any questions or to request additional information regarding our food safety programs.