Spinach is a dark green leafy vegetable native to Southeast Asia. The spinach plant has roughly spade-shaped leaves, which may be crinkly in the case of the Savoy variety, or smooth in the case of the flat-leaf variety. Spinach leaves are tender, with a slightly bitter flavor.

Care and Handling

Ideal Storage Temperature: 34° -36°F. 90-95% relative humidity. Refrigerate spinach immediately after receiving. Store in area with good circulation and away from ethylene-producing fruits. Sprinkle lightly during storage to help maintain freshness. First in/first out rotation.


  • Spinach should have fresh, crisp, clean leaves with solid green coloring. Discard yellow, damaged and wilted leaves.
  • Thin stems are also preferable over thick stems which indicates the spinach has been overgrown.
  • Make washing spinach easy by adding a small amount of salt to cold water. Swish around, transfer to colander, rinse and drain immediately, pat dry.

Did You Know?

Spinach was the first frozen vegetable to be sold.