Romaine Hearts

Romaine lettuce grows in a long head of long, narrow leaves which have a firm rib down their centers. Leaf color ranges from dark green outer leaves to greenish-yellow inner leaves. Romaine is the most nutritious of all lettuce varieties.

Romaine is the classic lettuce of choice for Caesar salads. Because it’s said to have originated on the Aegean island of Cos, Romaine is also called Cos lettuce.

Care and Handling

Ideal Storage Temperature: 34° – 36°F. 90-95% relative humidity. Refrigerate romaine immediately after receiving. Store in area with good circulation and away from ethylene-producing fruits to minimize browning. Sprinkle lightly during storage to help maintain freshness.


  • Avoid using the thick ribs on the older, outer leaves. These ribs contain a milky fluid which tastes bitter and unpleasant.
  • Romaine lettuce is particularly beneficial for the maintenance of healthy skin.

Did You Know?

Caesar actually made statues to this lettuce, hence why Romaine and Caesar go well together.